State champs recognized

Published 12:25 am Tuesday, January 8, 2019

PHS volleyball team honored with trophies, family reception

The Covington County Board of Education on Monday celebrated Pleasant Home’s 1A Volleyball Championship, presenting a trophy to each team member and coach, and treating family members and fans to a reception.

“You all rose to the challenge this year, excelled, and were the best in the state in 1A volleyball,” Superintendent Shannon Driver said. “There was no doubt when they got through who was the best in the state.”

Drive told the team members they are in “rare company.”

“Not many people have a state championship as a team,” he said. “We appreciate the hard work you’ve done. You’ve made our system proud.”

“We salute Coach Wilson, his leadership of the team, the parents who got them to practice every day, and the players,” Board President Sonny Thomasson said. “We are tickled to death to have them here. I was glad when I saw the sign go up across the road, and tonight we would like to recognize each of you individually and as a team.”

Thomasson was referring to a billboard on the bypass saluting the state champions.

Tony Wilson and Shannon Aplin coached the team, which included Bess Worley, Amy Garner, Meredith Wilson, River Baldwin, Allie Garner, Bella Worley, Madison Douglas, Sara Catherine Gilford, Hope Gunter, Peyton Huckabaa, Ansley Johnson, Sara Luckey, Cynthia Rodriguez, Amy Bulger, and Daisy Cordle.