Templeton raising funds for missionary school

Published 1:48 am Wednesday, January 9, 2019

After participating in the Global Youth Ministries for five years, Pleasant Home alumnus Dalton Templeton found his calling in the ministry.


Now, after his first semester at Ethnos 360 Bible Institute in Jackson, Michigan, Templeton needs funding for the upcoming semester.

“The third year that I went to the global youth camp I really felt a calling to go into ministry,” Templeton said. “After that, the path went from preacher, to youth pastor, to just preaching on the streets and then it led to being a missionary.”

Ethnos 360 Bible Institute is not a government-owned school, so it does not accept any student financial aid from the government or offer scholarships. Templeton said that he chose this school because it came to him when he needed it most.

“It kind of came whenever I needed it the most,” Templeton said. “My original plan was to go into the National Guard and then go to Huntington, but God did not want that for my life. I realized that He was putting roadblocks in my path. My thing is that I’m not good on big standardized tests like the ACT, so Ethnos being a school where I didn’t need an ACT really helped.”

This past semester has been the first time that Templeton has lived outside of Alabama and he loves it.

“Living there is so different, but I really enjoy it,” Templeton said. “I tell everyone whenever I had to leave to come home for the holidays that I didn’t want to leave Michigan. I love it there. It is really snowy and is definitely a change of scenery.”

Templeton said that the classes he is taking are phenomenal, enough so that he knows he made the right choice.

“They really don’t waste any time up there,” Templeton said. “As soon as classes start you get really in-depth into learning. First we started with biblical foundation, it was an overview of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Even if I don’t go into the mission field, after this first semester I fully know that this will not be a waste of my time.”

He believes fully that these classes will benefit him in his career.

“What the school is trying to do is give you the knowledge so that you can give it to other people,” Templeton said. “If you can’t remember the people, places or the main thing that makes the Bible true, then you cannot witness to other people about it.”

After Templeton finishes school at Ethnos, he said that he wants to pursue a business degree.

“Right now I feel led to go to business school,” Templeton said. “I want to start an organization to help addicts of any kind find the Lord and find a way out of their addiction. I know from experience that accountability helps with addiction.”

Templeton’s family and friends started a fundraiser for the funds needed. They are selling $20 chances to win a customized fire pit and grill.

“My dad came up with the idea for the grill,” Templeton said. “I never thought something like this would happen for me. I have always kind of been an outcast and I have always tried to do things with not a lot of help, so it’s really weird to ask for help, but God has given me a humble heart to ask and the ability to be very grateful to those who support me.”

For anyone interested in buying a ticket for the fire pit or to donate, contact Anna Sherman at 334-343-0444, or stop by the Woodard Law Firm at 1213 E. Three Notch Street.