Companies move forward with plans for SARA

Published 2:16 am Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The South Alabama Regional Airport expects a visit from the CEO of Dyncorp International this week, executive director Jed Blackwell said Tuesday.

The company has leased the helicopter repair facility at the airport formerly used by Standard Aero/Vector.

Blackwell said Dyncorp has had two employees on site getting the building ready for use. Dyncorp was awarded a $152 million military contract last fall, and plans to do some of the work in Andalusia. The contract begins around April 1, he said.

Blackwell said the company executives are considering the use of the local facility for other work, and are expected in Andalusia Thursday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Blackwell said, Yulista, which has leased the airport’s twin hangars for C-130 work, also has had employees on site prepping the facility, and is expected to schedule work here early this year.