Letter: Ivey spoke out for flag, now she should return it to state Capitol

Published 9:03 am Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Dear Editor:

Monday is Robert E. Lee Holiday in Alabama.

It is the perfect day for Governor Kay Ivey to issue an executive order returning the historical Confederate Flag Display to the Confederate Monument.  The Flag Display was removed by disgraced Governor Robert Bentley.

At the Battle of Saylers Creek on April 6, 1865, General Robert E. Lee himself took the Confederate Battle Flag, rode his horse Traveller to the hilltop, and held the Flag aloft with the red folds of bunting flapping about him.  When his soldiers saw General Lee holding their Flag, they quickly flocked to and rallied behind him.

Two out of three Alabamians can trace their bloodline to a Confederate Veteran.

All of the different Confederate Flags in the Display were carried by General Lee’s soldiers, including 122,000 Alabama boys, who proudly fought against Lincoln’s invasion to collect his oppressive 40% tariff from Southerners.

As Charles Dickens, the famous British author of “A Christmas Carol,” wrote in 1862:  “Union means so many millions a year lost to the South; Secession means the loss of the same millions to the North.  The quarrel between North and South is solely a fiscal (monetary) quarrel.”

Acting as Commander in Chief, Abraham Lincoln, alone, declared War on April 15 and 19, 1861 and ordered 75,000 soldiers to invade the Southern States, telling Congress on July 4, 1861:  “My policy sought only to collect the tax revenue”.

Kay Ivey spoke out for our Confederate Flag in the 2010 election, which catapulted her from 20 points behind in one month to defeat incumbent Lt. Governor Jim Folsom, when he bragged about removing the Confederate Flag from Alabama’s Capitol (Huntsville Times 10-23-10).

Now is the time for Governor Ivey to right the wrong done by Governor Bentley to our Confederate Veterans’ Flags.  Actions speak louder than words.

Roger K. Broxton, President

Confederate Heritage Fund