Red Level launches new Shooting Star program

Published 2:21 am Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Instead of only recognizing students that have achieved academic success, Red Level Elementary School is recognizing those who make positive progress.

The goal of the Shooting Star Program is to reinforce constructive behavior, cultivate pride and help students view each other in a positive light all without the competition associated with conventional awards.

RLES teacher Theresa Richardson said that the staff at RLES wants to make sure that all students feel important.

“We want to recognize them for their progress,” Richardson said. “No matter how minute or whatever it might be, they are making progress and we want our children to recognize that.”

One student from each class will be nominated every nine weeks. The program is not based on perfection or super achievement, because those students are recognized in May at Award’s Day, but progress.

“We know that the extremely intelligent will get recognized,” Richardson said. “But everybody makes progress, so we want to recognize them.”

Richardson said that a student qualifies for the award for something as simple as positive mannerisms.

“Any type of achievement or any type of progress qualifies a student for the Shooting Star Award,” Richardson said. “Any positive qualities can qualify a student for this award because we want to recognize that student for it.”

Every teacher at RLES has been excited about the new award, Richardson said.

“We as teachers get used to recognizing those students that always do really well,” Richardson said. “So they were happy to see that we are trying to put different faces in the awards group.”

Zoey Baker was one of the sixth graders who received the award.

“I feel really honored to get this award,” Baker said. “I think I got it because I am a really good friend and because I give good advice. I am going to keep on improving in school so I can get it again.”

Fifth grade Patrick Hall also received the award.

“It feels really good to have your progress rewarded,” Hall said. “I think I got it because I am a very hard-working student. I am going to keep on reading so I can become a better student.”

Other Shooting Star Award recipients were:

• Kindergarten – Hunter Rodgers and Natalie Johnson.

• First Grade – Keegan Leith and Weston Simmons.

• Second Grade – Jaylon Robinson and Ashton McClain.

• Third Grade – Andrew Godwin and Brycen Clark.

• Fourth Grade – Isabella Kelly and Zyrian Harris.

• Fifth Grade – Patrick Hall and Lily Barth.

• Sixth Grade – Zoey Baker and Zoey Phillips.