175 & counting: Legislative act set site for Andalusia in 1844

Published 1:45 am Thursday, January 17, 2019

On Wednesday Jan. 16, 2019, the town of Andalusia turned 175 years old, according to historian Wyley Donald Ward.

In honor of the 175 anniversary of the town, the Three Notch Museum hosted people to enjoy a piece of Cornbread Cake as they visited the museum loaded with the history of Covington County.

In Ward’s book, “Early History of Covington County, Alabama 1821-1871,” the historian points out the date of Jan. 16, 1844, as the date Andalusia was conceived.

The following is a paragraph from Ward’s book that highlights the approximate date the Andalusia came to be.

“The exact date that Robertson and Pettibone deeded the land for the new county seat to Covington County has not been verified, but the court house commissioners certainly held an option on the land (as required) prior to the time the selection was finalized by a legislative action which was approved on January 16, 1844. This act established the site selected by the court house commissioners as the permanent county seat of Covington County, thus was born the town of Andalusia, Alabama.”

According to local historians, many believe the date to be in July of 1844 when the post office was erected.

“The town has always kind of thought when the post office became the post office in July of the same year that that was when it started,” Three Notch Museum’s Linda Castleberry said. “The town was actually established before the post office. Mr. Ward is very particular about what he prints so it would not in here if it wasn’t true.”