Wal-Mart getting new look

Published 1:14 am Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Local superstore moving to mostly self checkout

Renovations are under way at the Andalusia Wal-Mart, where the self checkout area is being expanded and new technology is being added.

The area will include 20 self-check out machines and three self checkout machines with conveyor belts.

Wal-Mart manager Kala Miller said that several other Wal-Marts in the area have already remodeled their self checkout set up.

“The company is the one that guided us in this direction,” Miller said. “Like Enterprise, Greenville and Dothan have already undergone remodeling. So we are just trying to keep up with the stores in the area.”

Miller said that associates will have to work with the older community in the area to help them get accustomed to the self checkout system.

“We will have hand scanners so you won’t have to pick up an item to scan it,” Miller said. “We want to make sure that we are catering to the older community.”

Since there will be more self checkout machines, Miller said that there will be several attendants to help with the machines.

“Since we will have a lot more machines, we will have several attendants there to help,” Miller said. “Right now we only have one attendant because there aren’t that many machines, but when we have 20, we are going to need the help.”

Miller said that customers are upset about the ongoing construction, which began Sunday night, but they shouldn’t worry.

“Of course now people are coming in a little upset because they can’t do self checkout,” Miller said. “But I think whenever we finish them they will definitely enjoy it.”

Along with the new self checkout machines, a new pick-up tower is being installed.

“We have had several people say that they are excited about the pick-up tower,” Miller said. “We are going to start with general merchandise that will be able to be picked up and then later on we will move to groceries as well.”

At present, when people order ahead online, they have to pick up their merchandise in the back of the store.

Both the self checkout machines and the pick-up tower will be ready by February 1.