BRRR! No snow day, but hard freeze expected tonight

Published 1:38 am Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Wintry weather is forecast for much of Alabama today and tonight, with snow expected in much of the state.

Covington County is outside of the snow area – which means local students shouldn’t expect a snow or ice day – but locals won’t escape all of the effects. The National Weather Service forecasts 100 percent chance of rain today, with temperatures dropping as the day progresses. Temperatures will be in the lower 40s this afternoon, but artic winds mean it will feel much colder.

Temperatures are expected to drop before freezing tonight, with an expected low of 24.

Freezing weather does a number on pipes as well, Lewis Holcomb from Holcomb Plumbing said.

“If you don’t wrap or insulate your pipes during the freeze then you will most likely have busted waterlines,” Holcomb said. “And if that happens then you won’t have any water.”

Holcomb said that with pipes that are outside of the house, the cold isn’t the only problem.

“When you have pipes outside your home you need to make sure that they are wrapped and protected as well,” Holcomb said. “Because it’s not only the cold that will affect them, but the wind. If there is wind blowing, it will cause them to freeze quicker.”

He said if anything, people need to leave water dripping through their pipes.

“If you have your faucet dripping water really fast, then usually it will not freeze,” Holcomb said. “If your pipes do bust, then you won’t have any water and you’ll have to have somebody come out there and replace it.”

Officials from Marvin’s hardware store said that saw a stream of customers Monday who were preparing to wrap their pipes.

“People have been coming a lot today,” they said. “They have been buying wraps, and faucet covers.”