Even slight chance of snow sends shoppers out for milk, bread

Published 1:26 am Tuesday, January 29, 2019

When the weather drops below 30 degrees, like it will on Tuesday night – and there is even the slightest chance of snow – people usually worry about bread, milk, water and pipes.

Local grocery stores have prepared for the weather system that is expected to move in today.

Pic-N-Sav manager Chris Sherwood said that people have not come in like they usually do preparing for the storm.

“We have been having regular business today [Monday] nothing extra,” Sherwood said. “We still have plenty of bread, milk and water on our shelves.”

Sherwood thinks the storm will miss Andalusia.

Andalusia Piggly Wiggly manager Chantz Robertson said that people were coming in like crazy stocking up on the necessities Monday.

“We always keep an eye on the weather just in case,” Robertson said. “We are always prepared when a storm comes. We order extra especially preparing for a storm.”

Robertson said that customers usually panic when severe weather is forecast.

“If somebody confirms that it is going to snow or there is going to be a hurricane, then people freak out,” Robertson said. “They just panic. Roads aren’t able to be plowed so they think they’ll be snowed in. They also think that they will lose electricity because of ice storms. Usually the governor declares a state of emergency saying not to get on the road so they have to stock up on things.”