Annual $1 tree sale starts this Wednesday

Published 1:26 am Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Covington County Forestry Committee’s Annual $1 Tree Sale is this week.

The Covington County Forestry Committee uses this sale as a fundraiser to raise money for different educational programs associated with forestry.

“Throughout the year, the committee sponsors different educational programs,” Covington County Extension Office Director Charles Simon said. “They help with 4-H clubs, the Walk In the Forest program, our herbicide program, our Conecuh Critter Night, and several things that are forestry related.”

Simon said that each year they try to keep a wide variety of native trees to sell. This year species that are available are American Elm, Yellow Poplar, Arrowwood Viburnum, Baldcypress, Catalpa, Persimmon, Chinese Chestnut, Chinquapin, Dogwood, Pawpaw, Eastern Red Cedar, Elderberry, Flatwoods Plum, Live Oak, Parsley Haw, Pumpkin Ash, Redbud, Red Maple, Riverbirch, Sycamore, Western Mayhaw, White Oak all for $1.

This year the sale will also have 80, $6 gallon sized native Azaleas.

“These are the kind that grow in the national forest,” Simon said. “They are all native to this area.”

This year, Simon hopes to raise at least a $1,000 or more.

The Annual $1 Tree Sale will be at the Covington County Extension Office this Wed., Feb. 6, through Fri., Feb. 8, starting at 3 p.m., each day.