Cancer Freeze tops $60K in fundraising

Published 1:25 am Tuesday, February 5, 2019

It was another great year for Cancer Freeze as the organization raised more than $60,000 for this year’s six recipients.

Organizer Jennifer Davidson gives all of the glory to God.

“What can I say, but God,” Davidson said. “Every year it’s like, ‘How can it get any better than this?’ but God just continues to show up year after year and these people just have the biggest hearts. It is really overwhelming.”

After expenses have been paid, all of the recipients will receive an equal amount of the proceeds.

“We have to sit down and it will take a couple of weeks to figure out,” Davidson said. “We have to tally up all of our expenses, but after that our recipients will receive an equal amount.”

This year’s recipients are Kimberly Sasser, Andalusia; Malcolm Dakota “Dee” Brundidge, Opp; Christy Brunson, Baker, Fla.; Brandy Baggett of Crestview; Andrea Delgadillo, South Walton High School; and Jaylen Burnice, Enterprise.

Davidson said that there were too many moments from the weekend to narrow down to a favorite moment.

“One of my favorite things about the day is when we are in the prayer room,” Davidson said. “Just our recipients for that year and their families are the ones in there, and Benji Jordan from Antioch Congregational Church prays over us. It is always a very emotional time, but he just makes you want to run through walls. He gets you so fired up for the day.”

This year there was a record setting amount of car show participants at 148 cars.

“Seeing 148 cars out there, it was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’” Davidson said. “We are literally going to have to shut down another street if we have that many again.”

She said that the auction was another highlight of the day.

“Just to go in there and finish off the day is amazing,” Davidson said. “Jason Sasser is our auctioneer and people make fun of us all the time saying that the auction is the ‘Jason Sasser Show.’ He is just fantastic. There were over 116 auction items and that equaled over $26,000 on the auction alone.”

To sum it up the one word to describe this year’s Cancer Freeze would be amazing.

“We tell everyone, ‘I can’t explain Cancer Freeze to you,’” Davidson said. “I can tell you all day long, but until you come, and see it and experience it for yourself, you really have no idea. We just love our first timers, because there is definitely a ‘wow’ factor when they see just what we do. I would easily say that we had 2,500 people at Cancer Freeze this year. Wow is all I can continue to say. God is so good.”