Teachers, students are excited about technology

Published 11:19 am Thursday, February 7, 2019

Andalusia Junior High School physical science teacher Yvette Akridge was excited to introduce her students to a cutting edge new computer lab this week.

The school system added computer labs in each of its three schools with zSpace products, which offer hands-on, virtual reality learning experiences.

“I do a lot with AMSTI,” Akridge said, referring to the Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative. “But this gives them more than just hands-on because you can actually go inside the motor, or inside the human body and learn things.”

Akridge’s class will be able to use this technology to learn how to read different graphs they haven’t been able to see, as well as velocity and circuit systems.

“With speed there is a lot of human error,” Akridge said. “But with this technology, they are able to measure to the precise second. With the circuit systems they will have to build their own circuit systems on the computer and see if it will run. I am very excited about it and you can tell that the students are too.”