Enterprise group plans local orthopedic practice

Published 12:59 am Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Southern Bone and Joint Specialists in Enterprise plans to reopen a satellite clinic in Andalusia in the coming months.

“We actually had a clinic in Andalusia about seven or eight years ago,” Dr. Patrick Lett said. “Each one of us was there once a week and we had a lot of patients.”

He said that their clinic in Enterprise sees a lot of patients from Andalusia.

“That’s the reason that we thought about opening another satellite clinic there,” Lett said. “We are actually pretty far in the process, just a few things to tie down and we will be ready.”

The idea has been in the works for six to eight months, Lett said.

“We are shooting for sometime in March to be down there,” Lett said. “We are very far along in the process. If we can get some of the x-ray stuff done and make sure the Internet is up to speed then we should be there in no time.”

Right now, Lett said that they will only be seeing patients, but he is open to doing surgeries in Andalusia as well.

“What we did before, is that we would see patients in the morning and then if there was a patient that wanted to have the surgery the same day then we would do outpatient,” Lett said. “The only problem is that we can’t take calls, because we are already on call at another hospital. If it is a carpel tunnel or a knee scope where they can go home on the next day, then I see no problem with us doing that one day.”

Lett said the practice has been seeing an influx of patients from Andalusia, and wants to make their office more convenient.

Southern Bone and Joint Specialists would bring three orthopedic surgeons and one physicians assistant.  They all specialize in the treatment of arthritis, injuries and other bone and joint maladies that affect the shoulders, hips and knees.

The practice includes Lett, who is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon;  Rory C. Farris, M.D., also a board-certified orthopedic surgeon; Fleming G. Brooks, M.D., a board certified orthopedic surgeon; and Jennifer Echols, a nationally board certified physician assistant.