Writer shares thoughts on gloomy morn

Published 1:25 am Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It’s a gloomy Tuesday morning. There is a misty rain falling and a cool, moving toward cold, breeze coming out of the east. We’ve had a large number of gloomy, damp days this winter and I‘m starting to feel a bit soggy around the edges.

There are clothes waiting for washing and a rug that might enjoy a vacuum cleaner visit, but neither my mind nor my body is traveling in the direction of dirty clothes or rugs. Nope, I’m sitting in my chair looking out at the gray landscape, gray sky, gray tree trunks. It’s, well to repeat myself, gloomy.

The steady tick of the clock tells me it is past early morning inching toward mid morning.

“Tick, tick,” it is after eight. Tick, tock you should get dressed.”

I hear the message but ignore it for now. It is, I decide, a linger-in-the-pajamas morning. As my Daddy would say, “I don’t have a train to catch.”

Nope, for the moment, my bottom is in this chair and it probably isn’t going to unglue itself for a bit. However, because my body isn’t moving doesn’t mean I’m not doing something. Oh no, on days like this it is my mind that works overtime.

I decide to make a game out of watching where my thoughts are traveling while I remain comfortably motionless. Care to join me on this journey? Here goes. Voice in my head speaking…

… That’s my Kindle chiming. I got an email or maybe something new on Facebook. I hate a friend got upset because I didn’t agree with a post. Heck, I didn’t even know who posted the thing when I commented.

I tried to message him to explain I didn’t mean to upset him, but I think he’s blocked me. I wasn’t being mean. Was I being mean?

Maybe I should leave Facebook. Should I leave Facebook? What was that I read on Facebook?

It was about insects going extinct and how we are going to die because we need insects. I like insects.

The smallest bit of life I’ve ever seen was flying around in my bathroom last night. Wonder what kind of bug it was. Was it looking at me thinking how big I am? Do bugs think?

I saw a Willow fly on my sliding glass door one time? Is Willow fly the right name? Wish I could ask Daddy; he knew about Willow flies. I miss Daddy.

I saw right through that fly’s green body and it looked like it was breathing. Made me feel connected to that bug. Do insects breathe like us?

I should get dressed. That clock is loud.

I hope bees don’t go extinct because I love honey. Guess not having honey won’t matter if we lose insects and all die.

Wow, I’m not thinking happy thoughts. OK, I’m going to think a happy thought.

I don’t have to get out in this dreary weather. That’s a happy thought, I guess. But I could go outside. I’ve got a coat. Why do I think it is bad to go out in the rain? It might be nice. My cats and dogs are out there.

The insects are out there. Maybe not the mosquitoes. It might be too cold for mosquitoes. What will happen if they disappear? Well, I can sit on the porch without them biting me, but they are food for birds. Guess we need mosquitoes.

Man it’s a gloomy day. Wonder if Mother Nature is sending me, sending us all, these days so I’ll slow down.  I’ve surely slowed down this morning. Do insects like gloomy days? Do they even know it’s gloomy? I think my cats know it’s dreary. I think they miss sleeping in the sunshine.

Boy, that clock is loud. It’s after nine. I need to get dressed. Here I go. I’m going to dress, eat some oatmeal and write a column…

That ends our journey into my brain on a gloomy Tuesday morning. Have a nice day.