Skill-Ability teaches smart uses of gadgets

Published 12:54 am Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Covington VIP Lions Club will offer training, resources and new affordable gadgets during their annual Skill-Ability Day.

Wanda Scroggins, club president, said that they have been doing the skill-ability day for years.

“This is an event for anybody,” Scroggins said. “It is not just for low-vision or blind people. It is for anybody interested in new gadgets.”

The club will showcase how to use gadgets like the Amazon Alexa, smart TVs and the latest high tech diabetic monitors.

“We will show people how to use these gadgets so they can smarten their home,” Scroggins said. “Not only smarten your home, but also how to smarten yourself, so we won’t have to rely on our grandchildren just to use the remote control for our TVs.”

The club will have a room set up like a room in a smart house where attendees can learn how to use the different gadgets.

The club will also have several people teach and talk about different subjects.

“We will have Derek Barnes from Milton and Elizabeth Bowden from Tallahassee, Fla., come and set up the interactive smart home,” Scroggins said. “We will also have the team from the Andalusia Verizon store, Suzanne Barfield from the state of Alabama talk about mobility, Shelia W. Cornet from Headland, Ala., talking about diabetes and we will have a low vision and blind veterans resource talk as well.”

The class is targeted to people over 50, Scroggins said.

“Most of the people in the more mature generation, which is over 50, don’t really know anything about these things,” Scroggins said. “They really just don’t know how easy these things are. They are not hard to operate, because everything is voice activated. That’s why we want to have these things, because we need to show people how easy and affordable these gadgets are.”

This is not a fundraiser for the club, but there is a $15 charge for lunch.

“This is really just a community project,” Scroggins said. “So we can demonstrate something that could potentially make peoples’ lives so much easier.”

The Skill Ability Day will be held at the Andalusia Public Library, and Scroggins expects the room to be packed.

“Usually we have a really good turnout every year,” Scroggins said. “There is only room for about 57 people at the place we will be at this year, so people need to hurry and get their tickets.”

T-shirts cost $10 to $12 depending on the size.

The Skill-Ability Day is Thurs., Feb. 28, from 9 a.m., until 3 p.m., at the Andalusia Public Library. The $15 includes a catered meal from David’s Catfish.