Couple fundraising for adoption dream

Published 1:42 am Tuesday, February 26, 2019

After 10 years of feeling the calling of adoption, Covington County natives Mitchell and Heather Myers have begun their adoption journey.

“We started dating in high school  (Straughn) 11 years ago,” Myers said. “About a year after we started dating, we started talking about feeling like we may want to adopt later on in life. That urge kept on getting stronger as we grew older and as a family we just felt like this is what God is calling us to do.”

The Myers believe that caring for orphans can be more than just adopting children, but for them, they feel called to adopt a child in need of a family.

“We feel caring for orphans can be donating to orphanages, providing foster care, adoption and many other venues,” Myers said. “For us, God has called us to adopt a child in need of a family.”

The couple has done extensive research on adoption and even attended an adoption seminar in Mobile. After the seminar, Myers said that they were overwhelmed with the process.

“To be honest, at first we thought that it was a little more than we could handle,” Myers said. “It is a very overwhelming process when you look at all of the pieces and it seemed like it may be a farfetched idea, but we just kept on feeling the call.”

They decided to adopt a baby within the United States after researching several international avenues.

Although the process will be long and grueling, the Myers are optimistic about it.

“I think the most exciting part about all of this is being able to provide a loving home,” Myers said. “If we didn’t that child might not have that opportunity.”

Right now, the Myers are still in the beginning process of the adoption journey.

“We are in the process of our home study right now,” Myers said. “We are working with a company out of Georgia called Christian Adoption Consultants and we are using a unique process because they are looking at a multi-agency approach. By doing this approach we won’t have to wait two to three years after finishing the home study.”

One thing that stands in the Myers’ way is financing. They calculated that the total cost of their adoption would be $40,000 to $50,000, and plan several fundraisers.

They have already begun a T-shirt sale. The shirts are $20 each for sizes small through extra large, $22 for 2XL and 3XL.

The couple has several pages set up for donations including a crowdfunding account, an Adopt Together funding page,, and a PayPal account which can be reached at

“We are leaning on the slogan, ‘Where God Leads He Will Provide,’” Myers said. “We really hope that the community can come together and pray with us about the situation and we just keep on clinging to that motto.”

If anyone is interested in donating, contact