Student wins essay contest, will name store in Florala mural

Published 2:40 am Saturday, March 2, 2019

Cenergy Oil and Gas in Florala, Alabama sponsored an essay contest to name the store in the mural that is being painted on the wall of the store’s parking lot. Fifth and sixth graders from Paxton School and W. S. Harlan Elementary School were asked to participate in the essay contest.  Charles Greer, a fifth grader from W. S. Harlan, won the contest.  He named the store Theo’s Store.  When asked why he named the store Theo’s he stated, “Theo means God given.  I think Cenergy is a gift from God to our community because it provides us with a place to get food, gas, and jobs.”

Charles won a $100.00 gift card to Fletchers, his Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Suzanne Phillips, was given $500.00 in school supplies, his class was given a pizza party, and Pepsi donated drinks and backpacks filled with prizes to Charles and his classmates.  Charles Greer’s name will be painted on the mural as recognition of naming the store.

W.S. Harlan Elementary School, Mrs. Phillips, Charles Greer and his classmates would like to express their appreciation to Cenergy for including them in the process of naming the store in the mural.  They would also like to express their gratitude for the generous rewards and donations.