Hall loves life as social worker

Published 1:55 am Thursday, March 7, 2019

Andalusia native Susanna Hall became a social worker because she’s always wanted to help people.

“I have always enjoyed helping people,” Hall said. “I have always felt like everyone deserves to have the same chance as others. Even if they are in an at risk situation, they still deserve the same chance as others.”

Hall earned her bachelor’s degree in social work from Troy University and is now working as a case manager at South Central Mental Health.

Each day is different, she said.

“Some days different things will be going on with the children,” Hall said. “Whatever we do we need to see the children first, but plans don’t always work out. Most of the time we go to the school, but if they aren’t there we go to their home. We go to the schools because the school counselors know that we are involved with them so they call.”

Hall said that the most challenging part of her job is not being able to make everything O.K. for a child.

“Seeing a kid so upset, and not being able to fix it every time is definitely hard,” Hall said. “It is hard to turn everything off when you go home and I really struggle with that, because in your heart you know that somebody is out there hurting and you can’t really fix it.”

Despite not being able to fix everything, Hall said that the best part of her job is seeing children happy.

“The best part is the children,” Hall said. “Seeing how happy they are to see you and seeing how successful they become.”

In a world with so many problems, Hall said that social work is important today because people need to know that somebody is on their side.

“People need to know that somebody is there to help them through hard times,” Hall said. “That is my job as a social worker, to be that person on your side.”

Hall said that if anyone is on the fence about becoming a social worker, they need to go all in.

“I’m going to be honest, it is tough work that is not for everyone,” Hall said. “But it is so rewarding to have a tiny part in someone’s success story.”

In her free time, Hall likes to spend time with friends and family. She is also the vice president of the Andalusia Junior Women’s Club. She is married to Lee Hall.

National Social Work Month was first organized in March of 1963 by National Association of Social Workers as a way to encourage public support for the profession. Then in 1984, a joint resolution of Congress was passed and was proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan under Proclamation 5167 on March 22 as National Professional Social Work Month.