Chamber, Opp DRA to meet Monday

Published 2:00 am Saturday, March 9, 2019

The Opp Chamber of Commerce will hold its quarterly business meeting in conjunction with the Downtown Redevelopment Authority’s “Catch the Vision” meeting at 6 p.m. Mon., March 11, at the Opp Depot. 

The meeting will include a presentation of ideas for the Downtown Revitalization Project. The community will have an opportunity to learn more about the proposal and provide feedback on the plan.

Downtown Redevelopment Authority Chair Polly Dubose said that the DRA is committed to downtown Opp being the heart of the community and region.

“This meeting will be instrumental in defining what our community wants to see happen to our historic downtown area and how we can improve it,” Dubose said. “We want to build on its uniqueness and see what we can do to enhance the charm, and bring business and shoppers back to downtown.”

For more information, contact Dubose at 601-260-3652 or Wendy Johnson, DRA vice chair at 334-701-6082.