Sheriff terminates jail employees

Published 12:26 am Thursday, March 14, 2019

Video footage of night shift leads to changes

Sheriff Blake Turman said he recently terminated several corrections officers after an investigation revealed several violations of policy and procedure.

Turman said on March 12, the Covington County jail administrator received notice from an anonymous source of improper handling of mail in the jail. The administrator checked the video from the time mentioned, he said, and concluded that there was several violations including the mishandling of mail, lack of security, and officer safety.  Turman said the violations were such that they raised serious concern.

The affected officers were counseled and terminated for their actions, Turman said in a press release.

“Protecting our community and our officers is paramount when it comes to the operation of the county jail,” he said. “These officers acted alone and at a time of the night where staff manpower is lower due to the inactivity of the inmates because of sleep.  It is regretful that these officers neglected their duties in such a manner that could have led to a tragic outcome.  We remain diligent in seeking out these infractions and correcting them with a sense of urgency.”