Resolution amends structure of SARA board

Published 1:06 am Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Both the Opp City Council and Andalusia City Council have approved a resolution that will add three ex-officio members to the South Alabama Regional Airport Authority. The two municipalities were the original incorporators of the airport authority.

SARA Authority attorney Anne Sumblin explained the change to board members last week.

At present, Andalusia, Opp, and the Covington County Commission each appoint one person to the board, and a fourth person is appointed by the mutual agreement of the three entities. While the mayors of Opp and Andalusia and the commission chairman regularly attend SARA meetings, they are not voting members, and cannot participate in closed sessions.

This has created problems in the past, since the three entities are responsible for parts of the long-term debt on industrial buildings at the airport, and receive income when those buildings are leased. 

Sumblin explained the changes to the certificate of reincorporation authorized in the resolution will allow those elected officials to participate in closed session, but does not give them a vote.

Opp approved the resolution Monday and Andalusia followed suit on Tuesday.