Woo-hoo! It’s spring break

Published 1:06 am Saturday, March 23, 2019

Students look forward to travel, missions

Several local students are ready to hit the beach, travel to exotic countries on a mission trip and, unfortunately, work during Spring Break next week.

Straughn High School junior Sam Deloach felt the calling to travel to Costa Rica for a mission trip during his spring break.

“I’m going with my church, Mt. Zion Methodist Church,” Deloach said. “I am really looking forward to helping people and getting to see another country.”

While Deloach is in Costa Rica, his classmates Dominic Capolungo and Tanner Cheshire will be working during.

“I work on a cow farm, so I’ll be there most of the break,” Capolungo said. “But I’m going to try and go to Panama City for a couple of days.”

Cheshire works at Hooks Barbeque in Opp, but doesn’t plan to spend the whole break there.

“I plan to go to Mobile to go to Belingrath Gardens,” Cheshire said. “I also hope to go to the beach in Panama City.”

SHS senior Ashton Zigler will get some beach time during the break, but she plans to study for her dual enrollment classes.

“I plan to go to Destin for a little bit,” Zigler said. “But I’m taking Biology 101 at LBW and we are going to have a test next week, so I will be studying as much as I can.”

Angel Hildreth, a junior at SHS, plans to go camping and fishing during the break.

“I love Spring Break because of the warm weather,” Hildreth said. “My family will go fishing and then we find a place to camp while we are out there.”

Andalusia High School senior Katie Black said that she loves Spring Break because it is a good time to hang out with friends away from school.

“I plan to go to Destin for a couple of days,” Black said. “It is exciting that this is my last Spring Break as a high school student, but it is also sad, because you realize that this is all going to be over in a blink of an eye.”

AHS senior Lindsey Stephens, said that she will be going to Destin with Black, but also plans on going to the zoo in Montgomery.

“We are planning to go on the Hope Hull Alabama Safari,” Stephens said. “I am glad this is my last Spring Break because I am ready for college.”

Linsday Dobine, a senior at AHS, said that she is excited for this year’s break because she gets to travel to Orlando, Fla., to visit her sister.

“My sister lives down there, so we are flying out and I’ll get to see my niece and nephew,” Dobine said. “She works a lot, so while she is at work, my dad and I are going to visit around the city. Usually I just have a normal Spring Break where I just go to the beach, but since it’s my last one as a high school student, I wanted to go out with a bang.”

AHS senior Alyssa Jones plans to head to Tennessee for the week.

“I will be doing a little bit of everything up there,” Jones said. “I’m going to a wax museum, get some old timey pictures done, go to a magic show, eat at Paula Dean’s restaurant, which I have been wanting to try for a while.”