FB fundraiser helps local wreck victims

Published 1:05 am Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Rainy weather and road conditions caused the vehicle of two Andalusia women to spin out of control, and set their lives in a whirlwind.

Andalusia High School alumna Yun Min Lee’s  mother was driving the two home and was in McKenzie, around 15 minutes from Andalusia, when their car hydroplaned earlier this month.

“It was pouring down rain,” Lee said. “The car started spinning to the other side of the lane and there was another car coming straight at the passenger side, which was where I was sitting. We fell off of a ditch and the car flipped.”

Both Lee and her mother were alive, but did not escape without any injuries.

“My mom’s ribs were fractured and she had to have emergency surgery because of the blood clot going to her chest,” Lee said. “As for me, I broke my right side jaw, pelvis and my tailbone. I had to have jaw surgery as well.”

Since the accident, Lee said that she will have trauma from now on.

“We won’t be able to drive on that same road for a long time,” Lee said. “Because of the trauma.”

She has some advice for people on the roadway during Spring Break, though.

“Always be careful,” Lee said. “And don’t speed. I know sometimes accidents happen unintentionally sometimes.”

Lee was studying nursing at the University of Alabama before the accident, but she hopes to get on track again after she recovers.

“I won’t be able to go back to school until fall semester starts,” Lee said. “But I’ve talked to my professors and have it solved so I won’t have to take the fall semester off.

The family is asking for donations through Facebook, and Lee said that she is thankful for what the community has donated already.

“Some people have helped through Facebook,” Lee said. “And some have even sent checks to my house, which I am super thankful about. The goal is to get to $3,000 and right now it is at $1,065.”

For anyone interested in donating, they can go on Facebook to Yun Min Lee’s page and click on her fundraiser.