Activity center keeps senior adults busy

Published 1:14 am Friday, March 29, 2019

Ruth Duncan can’t remember a time when she didn’t show up to the Senior Appreciation Day hosted by the Andalusia Adult Activity Center.

The 85-year old is a regular at the activity center, where she goes four days a week.

Ruth Duncan and Comfort Care Hospice volunteer coordinator Genny Spurlin Lee. At 85, Duncan volunteers every week.

“On Tuesdays, I play canasta and I take square dancing lessons,” Duncan said. “Then on Thursdays, I play dominoes and Mexican train. I am very busy.”

Duncan said that she goes to the Adult Activity Center to stay busy.

“It is a way that I can get out of the house,” Duncan said. “Also a way to stay active.”

She said that Senior Appreciation Day is a great way to meet new people.

“I was in the skit contest, dressed as a first grader,” Duncan said. “It is just a great way to meet new people. They make sure that it is a fun time, with no foul language and no drinking.”

Along with going to the activity center, Duncan volunteers with Comfort Care Hospice on Thursdays.

“I have been volunteering there for as long as I can remember,” Duncan said. “I always say it doesn’t cost anything to volunteer, and the people are just so great.”

Organizer of Senior Appreciation Day Sonja Godwin said that this year’s crowd was about the same as last year’s.

“It has been going really well today,” Godwin said. “We haven’t counted exactly how many people showed up, but it looks like it is about the same amount of people as last year.”

Godwin said that the Alabama trivia – an activity added to coincide with this year’s bicentennial theme – was a big hit this year.

“The entire crowd seemed to be interested in the questions,” Godwin said. “It seems like all of the people here are excited to be Alabamians.”