Random acts of kindness appreciated

Published 2:02 am Saturday, March 30, 2019

It happened several years ago. One minute I was striding from the parking lot toward a department store. The next I was face down on the sidewalk in front of the store. I never knew if I tripped or passed out. I still clutched my purse, but I couldn’t move to get my cell phone out to call for help. Nobody was around. All I could do was wait until someone came out of the store or walked up from the parking area. Then it happened. A woman leaving the store saw me, stepped back and screamed into the store, “Somebody call 911.” I don’t know who she was except an answer to my prayers.

Soon I was surrounded by people. I heard someone say that help was on the way. A woman knelt beside me, and rushed back into the store. She emerged bringing a soft cloth to put under my head. Someone suggested turning me over, but she said it was best to wait on the rescue squad.

She asked if I wanted her to call my family. She contacted my son-in-law who said he and my daughter would meet me at the hospital. I think this kind, thoughtful person stayed with me until the rescue squad came. Surely she was another answer to my prayers. Since I was down I never saw her face. I don’t know if I thanked her or not.

Several weeks later I went back to the store to see if I could find anyone who knew her name. A couple of people remembered her helping me. They did not know her name.

I am so sorry I have been unable to express my appreciation for her kindness. The soft cloth separated my head from the hard concrete and gave me some comfort. The call notifying my family assured me they were on the way.

During the past few months, I have been the recipient of altar flowers from my church, food, rides to various appointments and events, phone calls, and cards from thoughtful people during my hospital stays and recuperation. Many people have prayed for me, including some I do not even know. May God bless them all. I can’t find words to express how these acts of kindness have blessed and touched me.

Here is proof that acts of kindness are a blessing for both the recipient and the giver. My friend discovered she had left her billfold with her credit card at home when she was checking out at a grocery store. Since she had no identification, she was about to leave without the groceries when the man standing behind her told the cashier he would pay for them. She was overwhelmed and asked for his address so she could mail him a check. He shook his head. He didn’t want to be reimbursed.

“No, ma’am, please don’t deny me the pleasure of helping you,” he said. She thanked him profusely and appreciated his kindness and generosity.

Nina Keenam is a former newspaper reporter.