Sheriff wants to know scope of theft problem

Published 11:00 pm Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sheriff Blake Turman wants to hear from all contractors, builders, sub-contractors and owners who have been stolen from recently in Covington County.

The sheriff posted a message seeking feedback on both his personal and sheriff’s department Facebook pages on Sunday.

“I am trying to determine the scope of the problem,” he told The Star-News on Sunday. “It bothers me that a rather nice vanity was stolen from a church … God’s House!”

On Saturday, Tyler Ingram, pastor of Buck Creek Baptist Church, posted, “At some point between Thursday night and Saturday morning a double sink marble top vanity was stolen out of our church or so we believe. At this point we don’t want to accuse someone but we aren’t sure what else could have happened. If you have any information please contact me. Thank you! I will say this is a first for me and I am a little perplexed.”
His post included photographs of the blank wall where the sinks and cabinetry had been, as well as a photograph of what had been there.

Sinks and cabinetry that look like this were removed from Buck Creek Baptist Church this week.

Turman said, “I want an idea of how often this is happening. I may be able to get with the chiefs and maybe put together a task force to stop this,” he said. “And also, to educate the community on how to avoid this happening to them.”

His post drew response from several people who had had cabinets and equipment stolen from construction sites.

Similar thefts can be reported by calling the Covington County Sheriff’s Department at 334-428-2641.