Reception showcases APPLE students’ art [with gallery]

Published 1:40 am Friday, April 5, 2019

The Andalusia City School’s APPLE Program held its annual student art reception yesterday and art instructor Michelle Colbert said that events that showcase art are important for all art students.

“Events like these show students that all of the hard work that they are putting in is worth it,” Colbert said. “It shows that they are not just having fun when they are creating art, but they are making an impact in the community. They need to experience that.”

Students learn about different artists and techniques in their after-school classes.

“Generally, we spend the afternoon talking about an element of art,” Colbert said. “Whether it is composition, value or shape. Then we go through examples of the art like artists who use it. After that we go through different techniques and how to do that type of art. Between that and working through different projects, we are always pretty busy.”

Colbert teaches seven different students between the grades of sixth through eighth, and she said that the age difference plays a big role in how they learn.

“It would be different if I taught kids younger than these,” Colbert said. “When it gets into this age range, they are in this class because they want to be and they bond over that. They do get along really well though. The sixth graders are a little more hyperactive more so than the seventh and eighth graders so it keeps it interesting in the class.”

When it comes to art education, Colbert said the arts need to be funded so that they are able to keep teaching the kids.

“Art education has shown improvement in SAT scores later on in a child’s education,” Colbert said. “It is so important for these kids to have that, but we are seeing it being pushed to the wayside with budget cuts as far as education goes. I think as much art education as these kids can get, the better it will be for them in the long run.”