5 AES students among top 500 in nation

Published 2:02 am Thursday, April 11, 2019

Five Andalusia Elementary School students were among the 500 students in the nation who scored highest in the Classworks All-Star Contest.

Classworks is an online program that is aligned to Alabama’s learning standards and creates an individualized learning path for each student.

The students include Anna Clark, fourth grade; Nathan Shakespeare, Jacob Watson and Tyler Sullivan, fifth grade; and Dalton Jackson, sixth grade.

“This recognition is huge,” AES teacher Shanna Davis said. “These students worked really hard and deserve to be recognized for their achievements. They had to have the highest time on task and greater than 80 percent mastery in Classworks.”

The students were tested in math, reading and language arts.

“We use this program to help prepare our students for the state exams,” Davis said. “So, with them performing so well on it, we can only imagine how well their state exams are going to be.”

Several other students K-6 are recognized on the windows of the cafeteria when they reach a certain goal on Classworks.

“We are very proud of all of our students,” AES principal Brenda Johnson said. “But these five went above and beyond and we are so proud of their work.”

The five students will receive a custom “Classworks All-Star” T-shirt for being chosen.