LBWCC student art show opens April 25

Published 2:19 am Saturday, April 20, 2019

LBW Community College continues a 35-year history of recognizing excellence in the visual arts with the annual student art exhibition beginning April 25, 2019.

“We are holding a reception from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. on April 25 to open the exhibit, and students’ works of art will be on display through May 1,” said Misti Purvis, LBWCC art faculty.

“This year’s exhibit features the best of our students’ work,” said Misti Purvis, art faculty. “We hope the community will enjoy the pieces selected for display.”

Students submitted individual pieces in various categories, such as graphite drawings, scratch board drawings, computer graphics, and painting, she said.

“Each painting student has painted an array of spring flowers and various landscapes. The drawing students have a mixture of many drawing mediums, and those in the two-dimensional class created Andy Warhol-type images of faculty.”

Some of this year’s exhibitors will seek professional careers in art by transferring to a university, while others will enjoy the benefits of their art experience and apply their knowledge and understanding to their everyday lives, she said.

Aubrey Nall, daughter of Ron and Jen Nall of Andalusia, is a freshman art major planning a career as a forensic artist because she loves art, science, human anatomy, and helping people, she said.

This career field involves sketching, either free-hand or computerized drawings, enhancements, and reconstructions used for identification, apprehension, or conviction purposes.

“I love the complexity of people’s faces. When you look real close, a person’s face is not symmetrical and there’s a lot of tweeks you can do to make a drawing realistic,” she said.

“The challenge of constructing someone’s face from people speaking verbally is difficult, but I love challenges.”

Burton Luckie, son of Greg and Brijette Burton of Greenville, is taking drawing classes at LBWCC in Andalusia this semester following a semester of classes in Greenville.

He is a freshmen art major interested in animation and video game asset design, which he described as anything in the background of video games, such as trees, rocks, and doors. He is minoring in computer science, both as a backup for employment and as a way to merge skills in art and animation.

“I’m taking drawing II and painting in Andalusia this semester,” he said. “In any art field, it is good to have a portfolio to show you’re well-rounded. When I first applied to schools, I was told I had good raw talent but need to refine it. My drawings were more like cartoons, so now I’m drawing real-life things.”

His chosen career field was developed through playing video games as a child, he said. He also investigated the field through discussions with various schools offering the major.

The reception and exhibit are free and open to students, parents, friends, and the general public. The art gallery is located on the ground floor of the William H. McWhorter Learning Resource Center at LBWCC in Andalusia.

For more information about the 2019 student art exhibit, contact Misti Purvis at 334-881-2250 or email