Area students earn scholarships to Capstone

Published 12:57 am Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The University of Alabama recognized 13 students who earned scholarships totaling $76,340 per year for a total of $305,360 over four years during the Covington County UA Alumni meeting Monday night at PowerSouth.

Students receiving scholarships included:

• Anna Brady, Capstone Scholar;

• Jacob Catrett, Recognition Scholar;

• David Dillard, Presidential Scholar and Engineering Leadership;

• Lindsay Dobyne, Recognition Scholar;

• Charles Whitman Jackson, President Scholar and Engineering Leadership;

• Jacob King, Foundations Scholar;

• Colin Marcum, Recognition Scholar;

• John Cameron Maurer, Presidential Scholar;

• Gracelyn Mitchell, Recognition Scholar; Emmy Rabren, Capstone Scholar;

• Lindsey Stephens, Recognition Scholar;

• Abigail Holland, Foundations Scholar; and

• Elizabeth Wiggins, Achievement Scholar.

The local chapter also awarded the following scholarships, valued at $20,000:

• F. Murland Smith Memorial Endowed – 1993 to Emmy Rabren.

• Susan Kirkland Memorial Endowed – 1993 to Colin Marcum.

• Vernon L. St. John Endowed – 1999 to Jacob King.

• Kathy Nall Memorial Endowed -2009 to Lindsey Stephens.

• Gordon Griffin Sikes Memorial Endowed – 2012 to Anna Brady.

• Michael Levi Neal Endowed – 2014 to Jacob Catrett.

• Jeanice and Jimmy Kirkland Endowed – 2015 to Lindsay Dobyne.

• Jeff Jackson Family Endowed – 2015 to Gracelyn Mitchell.