Even the animals appear partisan these days

Published 2:19 am Wednesday, April 24, 2019

After keen observation, I determined my dogs are liberals, possibly Democrats. My cats, on the other hand, are conservatives, possibly Republicans, maybe Independents.

Now before liberal cat owners and conservative dog lovers go all crazy on me, I’m speaking about observations related to my personal animal situation. Yours might be entirely different.

However, keep an open mind while I make my case. You might discover some similarities in your pets.

My first hint of the political leanings of my fur family was noticing their reaction to strays, aka immigrants. The dogs are not openly welcoming at first, but they allow the visitor to demonstrate his intentions before deciding what action to take.

If the immigrant passes the smell test and shows proper respect for the fact that he is stepping into their land, my dogs eventually welcome him for however long he visits. Sometimes playing commences and they even sleep under the same tree.

Now, don’t misunderstand. They carefully screen those seeking temporary asylum in our yard. If there is any shadiness detected, they send the stranger back from whence he came. Sure seems more like how democrats might handle immigration.

OK, the cats. They don’t like anyone not from their clan, and I use clan loosely to describe their community. It’s more of an every-man-for-himself attitude, but they will share space with members of the same litter, the cats that were here first and the youngest one they know I brought into their midst.

There is, however, a stray/feral/immigrant that comes around begging for food and possibly acceptance. He is not welcome, will never be welcome and they make every effort to escort him back across the border anytime he shows up. If cats could build a wall, a wall would go up around our yard. Republicans might approve of their stance on not-part-of-our clan visitors who try to find acceptance.

And, it’s not just how they react toward aliens. I observed their behavior at feeding time. My dogs won’t eat unless they are both eating. If the older one shows up at his bowl, but the younger one is not around, eating is not happening until both are present. They seem to want to be sure everyone has enough before taking any for themselves.

Oh but cats — again, it’s every cat for itself and don’t get in the way or hissing ensues. They don’t care if one or two are missing at feeding time.

“Tough luck sucker. I’m getting mine because it’s survival of the fittest around here.”

A couple of them, particularly a whiny gray male and a narcissistic orange one, always leave their bowls to grab what the others have. It’s as if they want to make sure the others aren’t getting something different or better than they have. It’s about me, me, me with those two. Not to stir up trouble, but I thought about calling the orange one Trump.

My dogs love most everyone, especially if you show them some attention, affection or toss a treat their way. They would probably risk their lives to save the people they claim.

The cats will, on occasion, allow me to pet them, but only on their terms and timetable. Sure, they purr and rub against my legs, but if trouble shows up, I’m on my own. They believe humans should pull themselves up by their bootstraps and handle it.

Interestingly, these animals exist peacefully together despite their differences. I’ve even seen cats rub up against a dog’s side and the dog did nothing but watch. Of course, my dogs don’t like disturbances in their land and rush in to break up catfights, which do happen. Cats not involved in the fight, watch and I think they laugh.

As I said, my animals live in a kind of harmony even in the face of what appears to be different philosophies. Maybe, we can learn something from them.

I know I love them all, even if I think the cats are jerks sometimes.