New principal associated with Straughn since kindergarten

Published 11:40 pm Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Daniel Rodgers, who was named Straughn Elementary and Middle School’s new assistant principal this week, is no stranger to the Straughn School system.

Rodgers has been a part of the Straughn Schools since he was in kindergarten and has been teaching as a math teacher at Straughn High School for 12 years.

“To have an opportunity to be an administrator and to serve the school that I was a product of, is amazing,” Rodgers said. “This school system has done so much for me and to be able to serve here means the world to me.”

Rodgers, who just earned his master’s degree in administration in 2017, said that he was not expecting for the job to open up so soon.

“It definitely surprised me when Mr. (Barry) Wood said that he was leaving,” Rodgers said.

Wood resigned to become principal of Brewton Elementary School.

“I was just not expecting this opportunity to come so soon. Since I finished my admin degree in 2017, I knew that I would start looking at administration jobs eventually, but I did not realize that an opportunity would present itself that quickly. I knew that I had to jump on it while I had the chance.”

After graduating with his bachelor’s degree from Troy University, Rodgers said that he was led to teach, but three years ago, he said that he felt another calling.

“At the time when I was in college, I felt led to teach mathematics,” Rodgers said. “God has opened up so many doors for me and led me to so many paths. We always say in Bible school, ‘Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path,’ and he has definitely guided my steps. I felt calling to get my admin degree and I knew that I just had to trust his steps. I knew that he was going to put me in a place, I didn’t know when or where, but I knew I had to be faithful and do the best job that I could as a teacher until he provided me with that path.”

Although this will be his first time as an administrator, Rodgers said that he is confident that he will learn the ins and outs.

“I know that the difference between being in the classroom and being an administrator is night and day,” Rodgers said. “I know that there is so much that I’m going to have to learn, but getting the opportunity to work with Mrs. Older and Mrs. Anderson, being that they are the two longest-tenured administrators in Straughn’s School system, I know that they have a lot of wisdom and insight that I will be able to learn from them. Mr. Wood has also been very generous walking me through everything before he leaves to Brewton.”

Rodgers said that the thing that he is going to miss the most about the classroom is the one on one relationships he makes with his students.

“Not so much the content, which I love math,” Rodgers said. “But I love getting off on a tangent with the kids and being able to connect with them and build relationships in the classroom. I’m going to miss the camaraderie between the faculty at SHS, as well. I am excited for the opportunity to make larger connections at SES and SMS though. While I was in the classroom I could only make connections with about 100 students, but now I can get to know 800 students in the school and I am very excited about that.”

Covington County Schools superintendent Shannon Driver said that Rodgers was a great pick.

“He is very hard-working and well respected in the community,” Driver said. “The two principals at SES and SMS interviewed several great candidates, and felt like Mr. Rodgers was best qualified for the position. He has been a veteran educator here at Straughn High School.”

Rodgers is married to Danielle Rodgers and they have three boys.