Drish starts day thinking about needs of students

Published 12:31 am Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Fleeta Junior High School third grade teacher Deidre Drish chose her profession because she wanted to make a difference in children’s lives in a positive way.

“I have always loved children,” Drish said. “I have always wanted to help children learn and make a difference in their lives.”

While Drish was enrolled in college at Ala-bama State Uni-versity, she attended a career fair and Cov-ington County Schools attracted her attention.

“I was a military brat,” Drish said. “So I have lived everywhere, but I found Fleeta at a career fair that my university held and I have never been anywhere else.”

For 21 years, Drish has been able to call FJHS home.

“I have been teaching for 21 years,” Drish said. “Twenty-one years with Fleeta, in the same grade and in the same classroom.”

Drish said that the best part of her job is seeing the kids’ faces when they understand a concept.

“Just to know that when they leave me they will take something that I have taught them and become productive students,” Drish said. “It makes me feel like I have done something to do with that and it makes it worth the while.”

If Drish could go back 21 years and speak to herself in her first year of teaching, she would tell herself that every class is the going to be different, but they all need the same thing.

“Every class is going to be different,” Drish said. “But every student in those classes needs the same thing, whether that be love, or just somebody there for them. I would tell myself not to get discouraged.”

The most challenging part of her job is making sure she meets every student’s needs.

“I have to make sure that I am meeting the needs of all of our students,” Drish said. “Especially on the individual level and that is challenging.”

Every morning when Drish gets ready for work, she makes sure to think about how much her students need her.

“All of my students need me,” Drish said. “Some students need me to just teach them and some others need that smile or that hug and that not only do their family members love them, but that I am there to love them and be there for them as well.”

With it being National Teacher Appreciation Week, Drish said that teachers are the backbone of all professions.

“Teachers are so important in today’s society,” Drish said. “Because we do so much more than just teach. I know that other people have heard this, but no other profession is possible without teachers.”

Outside of the classroom, Drish said that she and her husband, Rodney Drish, are busy running around rearing their two sons, ages 19 and 12.