Opp Council transfers land to trucking company

Published 11:35 pm Monday, May 13, 2019

The Opp City Council voted 3-2 to amend a memorandum of understanding and deed 16 acres of land on the bypass to RCA Logistics LLC.

The council entered the memorandum of understanding last fall, and agreed they would deed the property to RCA Logistics after construction was completed. The city also was to do site prep on the property, and pay the engineering fees for an access road, which is being funded by the state.

But to secure financing for the project, RCA needed to own the property.

In the terms of the amended agreement, the city is deeding the property to RCA and paying the engineering fees, which are approximately $49,000, for the access road. RCA will handle the site prep.

Last fall, owners Dennis Busby and Chad Sessions told the council that by bringing their current assets, building a facility, and adding additional trucks, their total investment in Opp would be $5.8 million.

“We are looking at starting within the next 60 days,” Busby said Tuesday. “Then for it to be completed, we are looking at another 60 to 90 days.”

Councilman Gary Strickland and Skip Spurlin voted against amending the Memorandum of Understanding and signing the deed over to RCA Logistics LLC.

The council also:

• Approved a beer and wine application for the Family Dollar Store.

• Approved a resolution setting abatement fees for the cost of cleaning 602 W. Ida.

• Declared 502 Maude Avenue a nuisance.

• Declared 402 and 312 Dorsey Street a nuisance.

• Declared 307 and 309 Stanley Street a nuisance.

• Approved a resolution for the cost of cleaning 305 Rush Street.

• Declared 102 N. Walker a nuisance. 

• Appointed Johnathon Penn to the zoning board.

• Approved new zoning ordinance language.

• Approved the addition of a canopy for  the Nutrition Center.