YOUNG STARS IN THE MAKING: Learning how to play the game the right way

Published 12:05 am Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Florala High School basketball coaches Troy Turman and Tyler Zessin recently hosted a camp for W.S. Harlan students to show them the right way to play the game.

“We just brought the kids in for a little two-day camp,” Florala head coach Troy Turman said. “We focused a lot on just fundamental things. Dribbling, shooting and different basketball related drills are what we focused on. We just wanted them to have fun.”

Turman said that the camp went great.

“It was a major success,” Turman said. “We had 31 total kids for the camp. We even had some of our varsity players help out when we split up into different groups. It was a big hit.”

The kids didn’t want camp to be over, Turman said.

“They had a great time,” Turman said. “They were well behaved and very attentive. They were like little sponges just soaking up the information. At the end of the last day, some of the younger kids were saying that they were sad that the camp was over.”

Turman said that they hope to continue to grow the camp each year.

“Last year, Tyler (Zessin) ran the camp,” Turman said. “I got here a little to late and he put a camp together. He also runs a school league at W.S. Harlan for these kids in December and January so he has done a lot to help these kids. This camp kind of supplements what he does in his league. We both realize how important it is to invest in the younger kids in Florala. By developing the younger kids, it helps our program. We are going to start seeing the benefits in about two or three years. We hope to keep growing the camp.”