Ready for summer: Students share plans for vacation

Published 11:42 pm Wednesday, May 22, 2019

School is almost out for the summer, and Andalusia Elementary School students have big plans for their days out of class, beginning tomorrow.

Andreas Bedgood said that he enjoys summer because it is a time away from school.

“I am going to swim a lot hopefully,” Bedgood said. “And I’m going to California to see my uncle.”

Eddie Johnson said that he is going to spend his summer in the sun.

“Summer is a time where we can relax without thinking about school work,” Johnson said. “I plan on going to Panama City Beach and playing a lot of Fortnite.”

Summer is a perfect time to go swimming, Caroline Turner said.

“For the whole month of June I am going to be spending time with my aunt in Atlanta,” Turner said. “We are probably going to just play at her house and go swimming a lot.”

For T.J. Sullivan, summer is a great time to spend with family.

“During the summer there is a lot of free time,” Sullivan said. “So I will be spending that time with family and probably playing some video games.”

Jaquez McMeans said that he will spend his time in Ft. Walton at the beach.

“Summer is a time to have fun,” McMeans said. “We get to have a little free time and if the weather is nice we get to go to the beach.”

Jordyn Skanes plans to go to Destin for the summer break.

“I really like summer because we get to be out of school,” Skanes said. “That means more time to travel to different places.”

Students aren’t the only ones out of the classroom for summer break.

Anna Caldwell said that summer is a time for her to “Sharpen the Saw” one of the Leader In Me seven habits that she teaches.

“It is our favorite Leader in Me habit that we teach,” Caldwell said. “By sharpening our saw, we get to have a balanced program for self-renewal in the four areas of our life, physical, social/emotional, mental and spiritual. Summer is a time where we are allowed to focus on that. This summer I’ll be spending time with my new baby and the rest of my family.”

Tina Rodgers said that summer is a chance to reboot for the coming year.

“We get to spend more time with our family,” Rodgers said. “And get to recharge a little bit. My husband and I are taking our daughters to Disney World later in the summer.”

For Amy Norris, this summer is a time to prepare for a new classroom at Pleasant Home Schools.

“I will probably spend most of my summer getting my classroom ready at Pleasant Home,” Norris said. “My husband and I will probably take a little mini vacation somewhere during that though.”