SUMMERTIME VOLLEYBALL: AHS holds camp to get younger girls into the game

Published 12:05 am Saturday, June 1, 2019

Andalusia High School volleyball players and coaches put on a mini camp on Friday to introduce younger girls in the community to the game of volleyball.

AHS volleyball head coach Angie Grimes said they take the time to teach the girls the basics of the game.

“We have four circuits that we go to,” Grimes said. “This morning’s session was passing and footwork. This afternoon will be serving and hitting. That seems to be what like the most. Then we will do a little bit of game-like situations with them and basically just trying to expose the girls to volleyball. We want to get some enthusiasm in the community at a younger age.”

Grimes said that the girls have enjoyed the camp so far.

“I think they have enjoyed it so far,” Grimes said. “This is a quite group. So far they seem to enjoying the camp. I think they will like the afternoon session. They always like the serving and the hitting better. We will end with game-like situations and they will like that.

Without a youth volleyball league in Andalusia, Grimes said that camps like these are important to not only kids, but also to the AHS volleyball program.

“That’s what the purpose of this camp is for,” Grimes said. “We know that if a girls comes in here in the sixth grade and has never touched a volleyball then we are at a disadvantage.”

This is the second year that the camp has been held and Grimes hopes that it continues to grow.

“We have a lot more younger girls this year,” Grimes said. “We have a lot more second and third grade girls this year. This is the second year in a row that we have done this so hopefully it continues to grow. I wish we had more opportunity during the summer to do another camp. In fact, if there is enough interest we may do it later on this summer.”

Many of the girls on the AHS volleyball team were on hand to help with the camp.

“They come in shifts in the morning and afternoon,” Grimes said. “It’s a little hectic when everyone is in here, but with the smaller groups we are able to get more hands on with the campers. The younger girls like to work with the high school girls. They will kind of bond with some of them. It gives them the opportunity to meet most of the team. They are getting to know more of the girls.”

Grimes said that the campers all received T-shirts that grant them free admission into the AHS home volleyball games.

“It will get them into any of our home games,” Grimes said. “Hopefully, that will encourage them to come out. Like I said, one of the big focuses is trying to get them involved at a much younger age. That’s why we want to try and promote in throughout the community.”

Grimes said she was happy with the camp turnout.

“It’s been a good camp,” Grimes said. “I couldn’t have done it without the help of my assistant Aubri Morgan. She is the one that really organized and put the camp together.”