Speaker: Women Who Care wants office here

Published 1:17 am Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Women Who Care Ministries is interested in opening a new office in Covington County, director Harolyn Benjamin said yesterday at the Comfort Care Hospice’s annual Senior Summit.

The ministry was created 22 years ago in Enterprise and has had an office in Elba since Jan. 17.

“We have not been serving Covington County,” Benjamin said. “Which is why I wanted to come today and talk to all of the seniors at the summit.”

Benjamin said that their office would be inside of a church.

“We want it to be in a church so that we will have plenty of volunteers that would help us,” Benjamin said. “The main thing is that you have got to have compassion for the people that you are helping.”

She said that Women Who Care Ministries helps individuals reach their highest potential.

“If it is that they need housing, clothing, counseling or anything like that we will provide it,” Benjamin said. “We have something called April’s Boutique for Women where we provide clothing for women who need an outfit for an interview, or if they are involved in a disaster and they need clothing we will be there.”

Women Who Care Ministries’ philosophy is “One Person, One Family, One Community.”

“When you are displaced, it is not just finding shelter,” Benjamin said. “It is literally starting your whole life over. I could not think of anything else that I would do for free.”

Benjamin said that there was a reason that every one of the seniors attended the senior summit.

“In spite of everything that you all are going through,” Benjamin said. “You are here. Because you are here, that means that God is not through with any of us. Even though you have to use a walker or cane, even though your daughter may have moved away, there is a reason behind everything that happens.”

She went on to tell the seniors, not to look at their lives like they are over.

“There is a child who is in a school, who doesn’t have a grandparent and they need you to go and sit in that classroom and be that for them,” Benjamin said. “There is somebody at that church who needs a homemade pound cake, there is a little boy who loves John Deere equipment and maybe you are the man that has some of those. Don’t get home and just sit and watch T.V. There is still life in all of you. What I want you to know is to live today as if it was your last day, because you never know when your last day is.”