Writer: Satan runs Democratic party

Published 1:10 am Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Satan is sitting back and watching the liberals destroy the Democratic party. The Democrats have people who want to turn this country into a socialist communist government. They have about 30 people running for president who want to have MORE give-away programs. One woman wants to stop having cars, trucks, trains, planes – anything that runs on fuel! I suppose she walks everywhere she goes? I doubt it!

Satan wants the liberals to kill more babies, even kill them after they are born. The liberal Democratic party can’t get enough of pushing homosexuality and transgenders down our throats, and give them more rights than a straight person. Just look at what happened in the Smollett case. Special favors?! He got by with blaming President Trump with having two men (wearing Make America Great Again caps) beat him up. He was proven to be a liar and got away with it Scott free.

A person writes articles in the Star-News, who hates our president for some reason. You probably know who she is. I received an anonymous letter saying I don’t understand the Democratic party. Actually I do understand which is why I am writing this letter. They hate all Republicans and Conservatives. The liberals in Congress will not give up trying to impeach our president. Donald Trump has been investigated by the Senate, the House of Representatives, the CIA, the FBI, the attorney general and last, but not least, the one and only Mueller. Mueller and his 19 liberal lawyers cannot find any collusion or obstruction. There is none. It’s over.

This has been going on for two years. They found nothing. Let it go! This is all the liberal democrats have done for two years; nothing to help our country. We have a president who has done more for the American people in two years than any president we have ever had, Democratic or Republican. He has lowered the unemployment, the lowest it has ever been. More jobs than we have people to fill them. Stock market at its highest ever. He passed the first tax bill in history to lower our taxes. BUT the more he does, the more the liberals hate him. You know, I never voted for Obama but when he got in office, I hoped he would help our country grow. All the terrible things he did, I don’t think anyone ever talked of impeaching him, like the liberals are trying to do to President Trump.

The person I said wrote an article in the Star-News said she was tired of Donald Trump tweeting every day. Well, look at it like this: when you have liberals calling him names every day, he has a right to defend himself. Oh, I forgot, only liberals can get by with calling names. Yes, Satan is sitting back enjoying the way liberals are destroying the country. I don’t worry about their actions because Jesus has the last word.

Larry Mullen