Writer: Save your money, here’s the answer

Published 1:09 am Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The ASN just published an article, why do people in the rural south “(Al, MS, KY, and LA) die sooner?” Alabama is in fact at the bottom of all states in life expectancy, at 75 years.

In the article, it says they are paying $ 29.4 million, six-year program with 50 investigators from 15 institutions to figure out the answer to this simple question. Most money, the article says, is going to UAB with it being run out of University of Boston.

The answer is simple: Don’t smoke, don’t drink, walk three miles a day, don’t get fat, and don’t eat any fried chicken.

Why pay $ 30 million to study what everybody already knows?


Walter Boyd, P.E.