Life, nature inspire Bowman’s photograph

Published 1:36 am Saturday, June 8, 2019

Andalusia local Sarah Bowman, who is one of two featured artists at the Lower Alabama Arts Coalition this month, got into photography overseas in 2009 and hasn’t stopped since.

“I was living overseas at the time,” Bowman said. “That sparked me into wanting to be able to capture everyday life as I see it.”

Life and nature inspire Bowman to take her pictures.

“If you just stop and pay attention,” Bowman said. “There is always something happening outside.”

Her favorite well known photographer is Todd Webb.

“Just the way that he saw things and captured people in their natural setting is amazing,” Bowman said.

When it comes to the different types of pictures that she takes, she doesn’t narrow it down to just one thing.

“My favorite photos I’ve taken were on a solo tour of Bahrain with a driver and meeting people on the streets and just shooting them,” Bowman said. “I find joy meeting someone randomly and them telling me their stories and letting what I see and hear translate onto print. I also find joy being outside in nature. The peacefulness and the chance you may see something only once that can’t often be recreated excites me.”

Tuesday night, there was a gallery at the LAAC that showcased Bowman’s work and she said that it was fantastic.

“The turn out for the art show was incredible,” Bowman said. “As I like to say, folks showed up and showed out. It felt so great that people took 10, 15, 20 minutes out of their lives to support our show. For me that means a lot. Some even Facebook messaged me at 7 asking if we were still there and that they wanted to swing by. How cool is that? It definitely lived up to my expectations and beyond especially with so many people purchasing something I am so passionate about and just the questions, ‘How did you find this? Where was this taken? or Oh wow I would have never seen this until now.’”

Bowman said that art is so important because people can take the time to appreciate things a little more.

“Think back when you were a kid and had your art time in school, remember that feeling? It feels good right?” Bowman said. “My son brings home his coloring pages or his arts and crafts projects, well that’s art. That feeling of joy that you created something and the way you feel. It’s just a way to express your feelings. For some, it helps them get out of a funk, to help heal old wounds and bring all types of folks together. I think all of that is important.”