First Business and Brews was a success for Chamber and Three Notch Staffing

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Andalusia Area Chamber of Commerce partnered with Three Notch Staffing to make networking between businesses a little easier at their Business and Brews.

“We are constantly trying to improve,” Chamber director Chrissie Duffy said. “It is just a proven fact that people do business with people they know. It’s just the truth. Staying in the forefront of peoples’ minds is important in a business person’s world to be relevant and stay relevant.”

Duffy said that the Chamber has several other business networking opportunities, but they are often during business hours.

“We wanted to think of a way to refresh things after hours,” Duffy said. “That way we could maybe reach a different crowd and dynamic.”

While brainstorming at the chamber, Ronny Kearns with Three Notch Staffing happened to be in the room next door in another meeting and decided to get in on the idea.

“He said that he wanted to get in and sponsor something,” Duffy said. “And I told him that I actually had this idea that I wanted to do, and he jumped all over it.”

Kearns said that his biggest client is the city, so he wants to give back in anyway that he can.

“The city kind of puts us in business,” Kearns said. “They are at a good place with us, I think. So, it is time for us to grow a little bit and this was the perfect opportunity.”

Duffy said that they were able to give feedback cards to all of the people who participated in the event to see how the night went and what they can do to improve.

“I’d like to get those cards back and have a conversation with the people,” Duffy said. “We just want to get their feel on the event and see how often they want to do this. I am thinking monthly or quarterly, depending on what type of feedback we get.”

Overall, the night was a success, Duffy said.

“I am amazed by the turnout,” Duffy said. “Honestly, I knew that Big Mike’s would be a great location because it is in the center of town, people love the restaurant and it is a comfortable place to go. I think people came out and reacted the way that we wanted them to. It seemed like a very positive event.”

Whenever Assistant Chamber Director Maggie Jones heard about the event, she said that it would definitely be a crowd pleaser.

“I just think it is a great opportunity to network with a variety of people in town,” Jones said. “It is a relaxed atmosphere where different individuals can share ideas and thoughts with each other.”