John Bess felt the call to be a single foster parent

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 15, 2019

Andalusia local John Bess felt called to be a foster parent because he wanted to help children.

Through respite care and foster care, Bess has had more than 20 children in his household.

“I felt like I was in a good place to take the time and take care of children,” Bess said. “Seeing kids thrive in a safe environment instead of an environment where they have not seen stability. Just seeing them adjust to a safe environment and relax for the first time is the best part.”

The most challenging part to Bess is not being discouraged by the system.

“The system is challenging,” Bess said. “But, you have to keep your focus on the children. You can’t let the system discourage you.”

Father’s Day for Bess means giving hope to the children he takes care of.

“I hope that children see an example of what they probably had missing,” Bess said. “In almost every example of a child that has come in my home, every single one of them has not had a father figure. There was a mother, who struggled because of not having a father figure. I can only really think of one or two that had a father.”

For families looking to foster children, Bess said to make sure you get the information first.

“It is a lot to handle,” Bess said. “So, I recommend that you get the information first.”

Since Bess is a single foster parent, he said that it has opened his eyes to single parenting.

“I had no idea the amount of struggle there is to being a single parent,” Bess said. “But doing this has opened my eyes to the struggle. I am lucky to have a family that supports me.”

Bess said that he will be spending his Father’s Day at church and then spending time with his father.