Upcoming SHS freshman Kaylee Murphy gets hands on summer experience

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 15, 2019

Upcoming Straughn High School ninth-grader Kaylee Murphy is spending her summer with the animals at Andalusia Veterinary Clinic.

Murphy said that she wanted to volunteer last year, but didn’t get the opportunity.

“I honestly don’t know why I didn’t do it last year,” Murphy said. “All I know is that I really wanted to do it this year as well, and they needed volunteers. So I asked.”

Coming from a household full of animals, Murphy said this was the perfect job for her.

“I am always around animals,” Murphy said. “We have a lot of dogs at the house.”

While she has volunteered at the clinic, Murphy has been able to shadow several surgeries.

“I say that is the best part,” Murphy said. “I have watched three already and haven’t passed out or anything.”

It is not always easy carrying dogs that are bigger than her though, Murphy said.

“I would say the most challenging part of my job is trying to wrestle the dogs in and out of the crates,” Murphy said. “Especially when they are bigger than me.”

For students that are looking for a summer job or volunteer experience, Murphy said that the Andalusia Animal Clinic is the perfect place to go.

“If you want to become a vet or interested in becoming a veterinarian it is perfect,” Murphy said. “You are always around animals at work and it is the best.”

Murphy said that she is looking into becoming a veterinarian, especially after this summer.

She is the daughter of Heather and Michael Murphy.