LBWCC student Kyndall Staley loves working people

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 19, 2019

LBW Community College student Kyndall Staley is spending her summer working at J.C. Penney because she loves working with people.

Staley began working with J.C. Penney in August of last year.

“I knew that it was in the town that I was going to college at,” Staley said. “And I knew that they would work with my hours pretty well.”

She said that the best part of her job is working with people.

“Just being able to make somebody’s day is the best part of it,” Staley said. “People say that I am a social butterfly. So, this is a perfect job for me.”

The most challenging part of her job is trying to juggle school and work, Staley said.

“It does get challenging sometimes,” Staley said. “But they have been great to me here by being flexible with my hours. It is a great environment to work in.”

For kids that are looking for a summer job, Staley said that J.C. Penney is a perfect place.

“I know a lot of kids at school that are always looking for jobs,” Staley said. “I always tell them that this is a great place because it is not grueling work and they work with you as much as they can.”

Staley is currently a student at LBW Community College where she is studying poultry science. She plans on transferring to Auburn University after this year.