BOE OKs new sprinkler systems at high school

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 25, 2019

New sprinkler systems and sod will go in on the football practice filed and the field behind the visitors’ bleachers at Andalusia High School.

After a brief discussion, the board voted to go ahead and put sprinkler system on the practice field currently used and then put sod and a sprinkler system behind the bleachers to allow for football practice and for physical education classes to use.

Superintendent Ted Watson also said there needed to be an upgrade to the grandstand fence at the high school stadium to a thinner mesh-like fence.

Watson said that he received several complaints from those who purchased the seats in the area that their view was obstructed by the pipe that holds the fence p and the handrail.

Those more than 20 seats bring in $3,380 in ticket sales each year.

The board OK’d that item.

Watson also told the board that sooner or later, the steps leading from the stadium to the PE facility would have to be fixed.

“I don’t have a price for that,” he said.

He also discussed spending some $84,000 to put additional bleachers at the baseball field, which would add 104 seats behind the home plate area, and add a 8×12-foot press box.

“We’d have to come up with a place to put concessions,” he said.

Watson also said a chain link fence at the baseball field was an eye sore, and that there needs to be a chain link fence for the softball field.