Local churches to provide service in Michigan

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 12, 2019

Several churches in the area are teaming up to take a group of students and adults to Oscoda, Mich., for a mission trip.

The churches have been planning the mission trip for three months.

“We have about three students going with us and a total of 11 people,” First Baptist Church of Andalusia youth pastor Chad Middlebrooks said. “We also have about 5 people from other churches going. This isn’t a youth group mission trip, just a church mission trip.”

First Baptist Church partnered with a church in Michigan to provide support to the surrounding area.

“We have been partnered with this church for about two years,” Middlebrooks said. “Maybe even longer than that.”

Middlebrooks said that they try to hit every angle when it comes to providing mission work.

“We try to partner on several levels including locally, with the pregnancy center, the Christian Service Center and Mission Andalusia,” Middlebrooks said. “Acts 1:8 says, ‘You shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the furthest ends of the Earth,’ So, Andalusia is our Jerusalem and Michigan is our Judea. Our Samaria, we believe, would be cross-cultural. So, we partner with First Baptist Church on Whatley Street. We are still looking right now at international missions. We have partnered with some Brazilians that live in Atlanta. So, we are looking to help them and then help them actually in Brazil.”

While in Michigan, the group will participate in local Vacation Bible Schools, do odd jobs around the area, work in construction and be door-to-door evangelists.

“I hope that the people that go there come back with a heart more like Jesus,” Middlebrooks said. “And that they understand that we are here to serve, not to be served.”

The group will leave today and be back the July 21.