SWIMMING INTO THE FINALS: Andalusia Stingrays earn spots in state meet

Published 12:05 am Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Andalusia Stingrays swim team had a pile of swimmers pick up top finishes at the district meet to earn spots in the state meet.

Lael Owens


100-IM (first place) 1:42.75

50-yard Fly (first place) 49:21

100-yard free (second place) 1:36.37

Brycen Owens


100-yard free (first place) 1:09.26

50-yard breast (second place) 45.53

50-yard fly (second place)

Thomas Appleyard (6U)

25-yard free (first place) 31.39

25-yard back (first place)

Kimbro Foreman


25-yard free (second place) 36.96

25-yard back (second place) 55.21

Cooper McKinney (9-10)

50-yard breast (first place) 1:05.45

50-yard back (second) 49.90

50-yard free (third) 43.38

Riven Adams


50-yard free (second place) 20.63

50-yard back (fourth place) 28.20

Richie Philpott


50-yard free (first place) 37.42

50-yard back (first place) 46.72

100-yard free (first place) 1:31.93

Cody Adams


50-yard free (fourth place) 47.77

Stella Landreneau (9-10)

50-yard free (second place) 34.57

50-yard fly (second place) 38.48

50-yard back (second place) 44.31

Eliana Forry


50-yard free (second place) 29.60

Larra Shepherd


50-yard free (third place) 35.52

100-yard free (second place) 1:16.93

Tytiona Rodgers


50-yard free (fourth place) 58.72

50-yard back (second place) 1:07.42

100-yard free (third place) 2:31.92

Zeke Landreneau


25-yard back (third place) 27.56

50-yard free (fourth place) 51.15

Sofia Landreneau (13-14)

50-yard back (fourth place) 39.98

Justin Koleser


50-yard back (third place) 33.79

Carter Lowery


100-yard free (fourth place) 2:00.61

T.J. Watson


100-yard free (fourth place) 1:16.59

50-yard fly (fourth place) 43.63

Diamond Stallworth


50-yard breast (fourth place) 1:12.11

The Alabama Recreation and Parks Association’s state swimming and diving championships will be held on July 25 in Dothan.