Locals use benefits of tax-free holiday

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 20, 2019

Alabama’s 14th Annual Back-to-School Tax-Free Holiday is under way and locals are out and about reaping the benefits of the cheaper prices.

JC Penney has a sale going on all weekend on their clothes.

“I think this holiday is very important because, especially if you have kids, it becomes very expensive,” Andalusia local Miranda Adkinson said. “It just saves a lot not having to pay taxes. I waited until today to do all of my shopping. So, we will be buying a lot of everything today.”

Lauren Lawson took advantage of the sales at JC Penney, as well, for her daughter Samantha.

“I definitely waited until today to get most of her clothes,” Lawson said. “Every penny saved is a penny in my pocket to go to something else. I have already done all of her school supplies shopping though.”

Several locals went to Wal-Mart to pick up their kids’ school supplies.

“I think this tax holiday helps a lot,” Jamie Nearor said. “Especially when you have several kids that you are sending back to school. It saves you a lot of money. The list of school supplies is a lot, but when the kids have seven different classes in junior high, they are going to need a lot of supplies.”

Fleeta Junior High teacher Angelina Driver spent her day buying her students’ school supplies.

“Being a teacher, this holiday is extremely important,” Driver said. “Students don’t always bring the suggested items. So, to be able to buy these items and them not be taxed is very beneficial. I just try to get some of the items that get overlooked. These items are extremely important because lets say notebooks for instance, will hold all of the information that they learn throughout the year.”

The tax-free holiday will last until Sunday at midnight.