Schulz opens championship strong

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 25, 2019

Straughn High School’s Grace Schulz has started the week strong at the 2019 National Barrel Horse Association’s Youth World Championship in Perry, Ga.

“It’s been something I’ve really enjoyed,” Schulz said of the Youth World Championship. “My favorite part of the week so far is being able to spend time with people doing the extra activities like water slides, artwork and making bracelets.”

Schulz said she put up a good time in her first run of the championship.

“I ran a 16.817 on my first go,” Schulz said. “I’ll run again Friday to try again for short go.”

So far, Schulz said she looking good.

“We are sitting good so far,” Schulz said. “We have almost 200 more to run. We ran all day Tuesday and since lunch on Monday.”

Schulz said she has met a lot of new friends from all over.

“This year, we had people from Italy and South Africa,” Schulz said. “We are making friends.”

There have been some good times run during the week, Schulz said.

“The fastest time of the weekend is 14.6 ran by a young man out of Tennessee,” Schulz said. “Our NBHA district AL 05 is holding well at youth world.”

Schulz said she is ready for her next run.

“I’ll run Friday night around 7,” Schulz said. “Then I’ll wait until everyone is finished.”

Schulz said she hopes to make the short go, but said it’s been a fun week regardless.

“Around 11 p.m., on Friday, I’ll find out if I made short go,” Schulz said. “If I do, I’ll get up Saturday morning, draw for my number to run and compete against the others that made short go. Either way, I’ll support those who run Saturday and come back Sunday.”